Well yeah all gone. T^T
Not just my drawing but I also working on some sims 3 skin tone and more than 100 poses.
Now they are gone along with my 3 almost finished pictures and other unfinished works. : (

I just buy this laptop on October 2011 so it just 4 months. At first the screen is broken in the first day I bought it so they change to a whole new one. Well I felt happy with their service in that time.
And then in November the fan is not working so they change again. Ok I still feel good.
And yesterday the computer can't detect my hard dive so today they come to change it again. - -*
OMG!! now I feel very angry. Changing a new one is good but NOT for the hard disk!!! Unless you help me bring back my files.

Now I have to go to computer lab somewhere and still don't know if they can bring back my file or not and how much it will cost. - -*
They said the reader in side is broken but the disc in side can run.
So does anyone have any ideas about it? I still can hope for it or it's really gone now?


Wet Yun-Seong

New art work. Yun Seong from Soul Calibur series. 
I'm so sad he's not in SC V. T^T