Blogger Content Policy Update

 Edited : Now blogger not ban adult content blog anymore, 
 only porn commercial will be ban 
 so I'll start posting thing in my blog once again soon.
 Thank you every one who still visited and followed my blog. <3
 I also have other sites since I haven't update here for a year 
 after google changing their rules.  
 Please enjoy my work there for a time being 
 while I reviving this place. XD




SF X Tekken

Hello! Here's the update for this month as usual.
Hope you enjoy them.

SF X Tekken. 

Kill la Kill

My OC Guardian of Fire.


Hope you like them. :D


Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween everyone.
Here some update as usual. :D

First is Halloween picture.

Next is Fanart of Rai from StudioRai29.

Next is a picture set.

That's all I have for now.
Hope you enjoy them. 


Love my cat. : P

Hello! time to sweep my dusty blog a little. Haha
Let's begin with my new pet.

Just look at how excited when he meet you. = w =

Next one is fanart of Ishimaru from Danganronpa.

Next is random cutey guy.

And for the last colored pic is a big handsome guy. lol

Ok now for some sketches. Let's begin with the brief characters sketch.

Now for some action. : P

Last sketch is fanart pic I still working on color.

Hope you guys enjoy them.
Oh I also add a new tap below the header
which you can find the links to my other galleries. :D


Update for July 2013.

Hi! it's been a while since my last post here,
 so I have plenty to show you guys. haha XD
Hope you enjoy them. = w =

Start with my most recent picture.
Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter.

Next is art-trade picture with Ephorox, His OC Mr.Gentleman.

Next is request pic, Massrur from Magi.

From now they will be only sketch pictures.

First is still request pic Sinbad and Massrur from Magi.
I will color it later. : P

Next are sketch pics for my OC Fire Guardian.

Ok, last one is a few random sketch pics.

Hehe, see you later. <3


Update for May 2013

Hi! everyone. Hope you enjoy the pics. :D

First is a random scene.

Next is collab pic with Mikkoukun. http://mikkoukun.deviantart.com/
Hayato from Star Gladiator.

Next one is color version of Ryu in the previous post.

Line art of Jin and Hwoarang from Tekken.

Random boy.

And the last one is my OC Krit.