Sketch November 2011

 Hi, everyone 
Hope you enjoy this month sketches.

The first one I try to draw this scene without the penis.

want a kitty? >w<

Goatee guy.

Try to add some clothes...um...maybe just pieces of fabric on him. - w -  

Want some sugar?


Hope you enjoy them. ^_^


Body reference sheet and some pose

Finally the body reference. lol
This time are the very basic body for normal pose...
hmm I mean the steady pose or have a little movement not dancing, running
or kicking someone which will require more bending and twisting
in the body part. XD 

Part 1

It's show front view of the body in slightly different angle.
All of them can use for basic standing, sitting,
and some lying on the floor pose.You may feel curious now how these
body work. Hehe

Part 2

Here's some samples. The upper left is slinghtly bend his body like
"S" while bend down a little too. The upper right guy also
bend down his body a little while sitting.
So you can see their bodies are not much different.

Part 3

Now the bodies part are still not move much but add more
acting on arms, shoulders and legs instead.

Part 4

The last page we have standing sitting and lying on floor poses and their
body still not move or bend so much.

I hope this will help you guys get some ideas about the body.

I'll make some reference about more dynamic pose
(and maybe acrobatics pose. lol) sometime later.