New picture Snow Villiers and some tip

Hi again, this post I have easy tip to add more dark color to your picture.
It's the filter in photoshop call dark strokes.
You can find it in Filter tap > Brushes Strokes > Dark Strokes
Let's see what this filter can do.

This is finished picture and I want my color to be a little more darker.
What's I do is first duplicate the picture in new layer
(right click on layer and you'll see this option)
Click your new duplicate layer then go to
Filter tap > Brushes Strokes > Dark Strokes
You'll find yourself in dark strokes window. Now set the balance to 10,
black intensity = 1, white intensity = 5
(You can try the other number until you feel like it)
And the picture will look more darker.

Ok now the color have much more depth. XD
But I want it to look a bit more lighter so I change this layer mode to Darken
and lower the capacity to 50.

Now it's look better, not too dark and have the original picture feeling. :D
Ok that's the tip for today I hope it can be useful.

Merry Xmas 2011

Merry Christmas everyone.
Hope you have a good time this holiday.
As promise now is the time to unwrap the present. XD
Hoho next ones are the improve version of old Xmas pictures of 2009 and 2010.

Hope you like them. :p