Sketch November 2010

Some sketch pics for November
Hope you like them. ^ _ ^

My oc Kester

Cock we loved XD

Step of my submission " Spirit of snow"

Some unfinished pictures


Sketch October 2010

Pencil sketch sample for girl

And for guy

Another pencil sketch

Adapt from the famous sculpture Pieta

Another Adapt from sculpture but I forgot the name =..=

Hope you like them :)


Blue sky : Steps

Here's the step of my submission Blue sky
Hope you like it ^_^


Some W.I.P. & Sketch

Hi everyone
Here are some unfinished work. Hope you enjoy it ;)

loverswip.jpg (525 KB)

snow_demon_wip.jpg (460 KB)

scan0007_wip.jpg (674 KB)

Now For some sketch XD

pic_5_copy.jpg (408 KB)

Pic_6_copy.jpg (486 KB)

pic_4_copy.jpg (480 KB)

Hope you guys like them. I'll try upload my blog every week. :D


Some Old sketch

I drew it sometime ago and didn't have time to coloring them.
Hope you guys like it.