Coloring step : Guardian of water

As promise Coloring step of my picture " guardian of water".
I hope it will be useful.

1. Pencil sketch. Do some adjustment (level or curve) in photo shop to make it sharpen and clean with eraser tool.
And don't forget to change layer mode to multiply.

2. Create new layer under the line and use gradient tool to color the base tone.
You can create more layers to coloring another parts.

3. Rough coloring background by simple round brush.

4. Rough coloring jar.

5. Coloring skin base by hard round-brush and blend it with soft-round brush.

6. Coloring fabric.

7. Now create a new layer over sketch line. Add more details on skin and muscle.

8. The face look weird so I will draw a new one. First is remove line art by erase the line or
paint the base color over line art.

9. Draw a new face line with dark brown color.

10. Pick more darker color and paint more details. For the body...use more darker color and paint the shadow.

11. Paint BG with very soft brush.

12. Do the same with fabric.

13. Paint the trees with hard brush.

14. Paint the falling water with soft brush.

15. Paint the details with smaller and harder brush.

16. Continue paint face with soft brush and sharpen the edges with line.

17. Add more lighten color on body skin.

18. Continue adding on the face.

19. Add more details on fabric.

20. Coloring the hair with soft brush and line.

21.-22. Paint flowing water with hard brush

23. Use soft brush the blend the flowing water.

24. Add more splash water.

25. Add more lightning on flowing water with soft light mode layer.

26. Use texture brush to paint more details.

27. Draw the line art around the man.

28. Adding more details on fabric.

29. Now coloring the penis and draw the line around it.

30. Adding more details on it and painting nipples.

31. Do the color adjustment by try to use level adjustment in different color channel.

32. Add the blue light by overlay mode layer.

33. Draw pubic hair.

34. Paint water drops on the man.

35. Use liquify filter to adjust the body and face.

36. Try to give him a new hair style by add the headband first.

37. Use soft brush to paint the new hair base over it.

38. Draw the hair lines and add the new hair lightning.

39. Paint the headband detail.

40. Make the face skin more smoother and add a little change to the lips. Finish!!

Oh my...It turn out to be a very long post. lol
So tired... - -"

Hope you enjoy it.
Next time I will try make the tutorial about "how to draw the muscle".
I hope it will be useful.

Sketch July 2011

Hi! everyone, this month sketches are coming~ ^_^
Hope you enjoy them.

Ok...let's begin with this one. I try to draw from lower view. "IT" really interesting. lol

Next is an old one. Only standing pose and grabbing his jacket. -..-

This one...I especially like him. He's really my type. hohoho lol

This one is another couple drawing practice.

Now...more erotic scene. hehe

Another erotic scene and the last sketch for this month.

I hope you enjoy them. ;D