Love my cat. : P

Hello! time to sweep my dusty blog a little. Haha
Let's begin with my new pet.

Just look at how excited when he meet you. = w =

Next one is fanart of Ishimaru from Danganronpa.

Next is random cutey guy.

And for the last colored pic is a big handsome guy. lol

Ok now for some sketches. Let's begin with the brief characters sketch.

Now for some action. : P

Last sketch is fanart pic I still working on color.

Hope you guys enjoy them.
Oh I also add a new tap below the header
which you can find the links to my other galleries. :D


  1. Mmm... I hope I can find a cute guy like that willing to pet with me. I'll be free to touch, tickle and play every part of him. And adding sweats makes the character wet and hotter. Draw more sweaty characters.

    1. I love wet and sweaty skin too. Will draw more for sure.

  2. You have to do a colour version of those group scenes! they are way too hot! amazing work as usual Hydaria :)

    1. Thanks haha.
      I'm cerrently coloring Ryu group. ;D

  3. My friend, you are an amazing colorist! But I love your pencil drawings, your dash is clean, chic and secure. Congratulations.