Sketch April 2011 and coloring steps

Sorry for being late for this monthly sketch.
I just got my PC back from repairing.

Ok let's begin with my old work.

Now for the coloring steps I use recently for commission.
This one is commission for Kensoudojo.

1. Raw Pencil sketch
2. Work on line art and adjust muscle anatomy in photoshop.
3. Coloring base color in gray tone.
4. Adding the color by color mode layers.

5. Adjust the color by level or curve.
6. Repeat the same steps with another guy.
7. Coloring hair.
8. Underwear and cap

9. Coloring eyes and faces details.
10. Adding a little background.
11. Adding more light by soft light mode or overlay mode layers.
12. Adding a little blueish light.

13. Adjust the whole picture by level or curve.

Hope you enjoy. ^_^