Coloring Step

Of this picture.

Ok let's begin.

First is scan the sketch picture.

Drawing new line art in new layer.

Base color and simple shading in new layer under the line.

Blend the color with softbrush and coloring the eyes.

Coloring hair with the same way. And add 3 light layers.
First is blue reflect light with overlay mode. Use softbrush and try lower the layer capacity until you like the result.
2 is white rim light on normal mode or colordodge. Use hardbrush on the edge.
3 is white highlight on normal mode or colordodge. Use softbursh paint around the center of muscle
to make it look bulging. You can add some glitter with small hard brush to make it look wet.

Blending again and now I try to paint over the skin to make it look more lighter with softbrush.

More lighter with curve adjustment.

Try to play with other filter...and I decide to make it a little more lighter with different glow filter.

Ok add some juice and it finished. :D

I also add new eye reference. See them in Drawing reference Tap if you interested.


  1. For me, the sixth picture is already great, I like the hunks darker skin, and so oily. It's yummier that way!

    1. Yeah I like that one too.
      I just want to try making the overall emotion of picture look more soft
      and romance this time. hoho XD

  2. Great tutorial! Anyway, do you re-draw the lineart using tablet or what? And how exactly you change the brush pressure? (it's different for each strokes) Does it on the same layer, or different layer? (of the strokes)