Update for my recent pictures.

Hi! everyone. Just quick update like always.
I hope you enjoy them. :D

First is request from friend. Gai X Shingo

Next is art trade picture with Crimsonblood.
His OC Hero

Third is animate version of my old picture " Leaking"
By silverrainstrom17 in y!gallery. http://www.y-gallery.net/user/silverrainstrom17/

Hmm animated is a bit mess after post with hosting website. So here's the raw gif file.

And last is some sketch pictures.


  1. Very cool! I loved seeing the animation and your new sketches too! ^_^

    1. Thank you very much. ^ w ^
      Also want to thanks for hot guys you alway send too.
      They're so hot and really good for reference. hehe

  2. Why do most of your drawings consist of circumcised dicks? Is that your preference? What are your views on cut, uncut, and circumcision in general?

    1. If you asking for my preference then yes.
      I like the shape of dick head.
      So you prefer dick foreskin?

    2. No no. It is not that. I actually love the way you draw dicks. It is as if the person was never circumcised, just born without a foreskin. Super sexy. So you like circumcised over uncircumcised, do you think all guys should be cut? Do you not like foreskin at all?

    3. Hmm I just like to see the head so all I like is a big mushroom head. Cut or uncut is not the problem but the head must be in the shape I like. haha
      I see a lot of people love foreskin maybe I should draw it more often.