Sexy wolf Z.W.E.I

Hehe finally finished this one.
Hope you like him. XD


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    1. Hehe the other one still coloring. :3

    2. All these pics look very sexy they always turn me on so much thanks for bringing it up! :)

  3. WOW! this is probably the hottest pic you have ever done! amazing work! :)

  4. lOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK! Keep it cumming. and thnx for the references to!

  5. Wow! Bravo! Just found your blog here, do you sell this? If it could be print on large canvas....:#)
    By the way, just asking, do you accept request? Yeah, I can draw myself but I don't have any tablet to draw on computer, because I like to color them using Adobe Photoshop! :) (I'm skilled using traditional mouse if coloring, but not drawing)
    If you have time, just asking a favor...

    Can you draw him? Gerik.

    For your references:

    By the way, if you feel this is too much, so just reply and state: "I'm Busy", I will understand. :(

    Your concern is much appreciated. :) Thanks.

    1. Hmm? I usually draw it on paper then scan and coloring to photo shop.
      For the request I still have other 12 request in my hand right now and don't know when I can finished. T w T

    2. Oh, I see it then.. What's your setting on the scanner to have it really clean scan? Or do you fix it later in Photoshop?

      Oh, really... I should see this before, that you will this busy.. Forgive me for not noticing that and requesting in the first place. So, uhmm, just ignore my request then, so you can focus on the other 12, I don't want to burden you more. :) Sorry for disrupting your day. By the way, have a nice day. :)

    3. Oh I do some adjustment and cleaning in photoshop.
      First change it gray scale mode and use level adjustment to make the line look more visible and after I satisfy with it then clean the mess line with eraser tool. I hope this could help you a little. :)

    4. Oh, thanks for the tips! :) Oh yeah, the color tips, how you get the outline colored?

      By the way, I've read all your posts, and somehow I got interested in the muscle tutorial you've mentioned, well, when will you post it? (Just asking by the way, I know you're busy guy) Just... yeah, I have problem drawing muscle guys, but pretty well drawing girls body. (But I love guys! XF Can't help falling for them..) Well, I can wait... :)

      Have a nice day! :)

    5. Hmm...there are so many way to coloring the out line so if the pencil line art is look good enough after some adjustment and cleaning...the easily one is first change the picture mode back to RGB color, make a new layer above line layer chang layer mode to color. Right click on new layer and choose create clipping mask. Now in this layer you can pick the color you want the line to have and coloring it.

    6. I see..so that's how to use clipping mask, never try it before because I don't know how to use it. Thanks again! :)