Well yeah all gone. T^T
Not just my drawing but I also working on some sims 3 skin tone and more than 100 poses.
Now they are gone along with my 3 almost finished pictures and other unfinished works. : (

I just buy this laptop on October 2011 so it just 4 months. At first the screen is broken in the first day I bought it so they change to a whole new one. Well I felt happy with their service in that time.
And then in November the fan is not working so they change again. Ok I still feel good.
And yesterday the computer can't detect my hard dive so today they come to change it again. - -*
OMG!! now I feel very angry. Changing a new one is good but NOT for the hard disk!!! Unless you help me bring back my files.

Now I have to go to computer lab somewhere and still don't know if they can bring back my file or not and how much it will cost. - -*
They said the reader in side is broken but the disc in side can run.
So does anyone have any ideas about it? I still can hope for it or it's really gone now?


  1. if the disc still run, the data is still inside. try replace the header. what brand is it?

  2. If it is only the reader broken, it is very probably can bring it back. But it all depends on did the reader damage the disk. If physical damage is occur, you may prepare it may some data loss. If it is only logical damage, it has a very probability the data still here. Hope it can help you.

    1. Thank you very much. I feel much better. = w =
      I hope they can find the way to dig them out.

  3. yea, the others are right, the disk and not the reader are what have the info on it, so it can probably be swamped out with a working drive to pull the files. ^^

    also hyde, feel free to email me and i can send you my folder of all your work. i know it is not all the files you lost, but i do have everything you have posted in a nice little bundle i could upload in a single file for you.

    lastly, i'm really sorry to hear about your hard drive hyde. i have a suggestion though if you can manage it in the future. keep all your current projects on a flash drive and back them up the actual hard drive from time to time. or the other way around. either way, try and keep it updated a couple times a month if you can.

    1. Thank you. I have back up of finished pictures in my sister pc too.
      So I just want to dig up my unfinished drawing and my personal files like a picture when I study in China or the picture I took with government or hospital owner.( cause I think it'll be useful someday if I become a doctor but...hahaha maybe it is not my fate to become one)
      My old laptop broke last year too and I just back up the old file to this new one.
      I never expect it will be broke so early. - -*
      Now I'm worry about the price it will cost. If it too high maybe I will just staring a new life with out them.

  4. well, i remember loosing about 10 years of writing myself to a lost drive. now i back up my work about every month or so at minimum. ^^;

    i hope you can get it back; and from how you described the dead drive, you can. *hug*

    1. 10 years?!! OMG I gonna burn that shop down if I were you. lol

  5. no no, it was because i very stupid about computers tell that happened. ^^; after it did, i learned them so it can never happen to me again. ^/////////^