New picture Snow Villiers and some tip

Hi again, this post I have easy tip to add more dark color to your picture.
It's the filter in photoshop call dark strokes.
You can find it in Filter tap > Brushes Strokes > Dark Strokes
Let's see what this filter can do.

This is finished picture and I want my color to be a little more darker.
What's I do is first duplicate the picture in new layer
(right click on layer and you'll see this option)
Click your new duplicate layer then go to
Filter tap > Brushes Strokes > Dark Strokes
You'll find yourself in dark strokes window. Now set the balance to 10,
black intensity = 1, white intensity = 5
(You can try the other number until you feel like it)
And the picture will look more darker.

Ok now the color have much more depth. XD
But I want it to look a bit more lighter so I change this layer mode to Darken
and lower the capacity to 50.

Now it's look better, not too dark and have the original picture feeling. :D
Ok that's the tip for today I hope it can be useful.


  1. ok...this is makeing appetite and a BIG one too, specialy that huge cock head ;)again i must say...you are sooo talented!!!