Sketch September 2011 & basic lightning

Hello everyone sketches for September are finally posted along with examples of basic lightning.
I will use pecil sketches for base picture and do the lightning with hard brush and eraser tool in photoshop.

Now let's begin with this guy.

And lightning...with hard-brush. The lightsource is on upper right corner
so...the cast shadow will be on lower left.
Don't for get to add a little reflect light on the edge.


The lightsource is on the right...
add more details with the reflect light on the edge of the left-side.


Now try lower lightsource.
The shadow will be on the upper part of muscles.


The light is on the upper right behind the changing guys... upper right infront of nude guy.
So even in the same room...the lightning of each objects are different depend on their location.

Ok..next one.

The lightsource is on the upper infront of him...

Now the last one...more erotic..hehe

Only soft lightsource is infront of picture...and add more darker color on the edge.

I still not good at the description...but I hope they could be a little helpful for you.
Thanks for reading. ^ _ ^


  1. Thank you - this is useful!
    Question: Do you shade before you colour?

  2. I'm happy you could find them useful Miles. ^ _ ^
    For coloring mostly I'll shading after I finished the base color but sometime I do the shading in gray tone first and add the color later...like in the tutorial I already post on April 2011.

  3. Ooh! Nice Shadings and light source. I really need to learn more where to put the light sources to make body looks best.I always put a white light at the top and front of the body. And yellow light at the bottom.

  4. very useful!!!! coloring and lighting is hard for me! thank you for posting. One question, do you use 'pencil' in photoshop to do the sketches?

    1. Oh it's real pencil drawing on paper and then scan to computer. :D